Thursday, October 23

Out in November

Absolute Sandman vol. 4
Army@Love: The Art of War #4 (of 6)
Hellblazer Presents: Chas: The Knowledge #5 (of 5)
House of Mystery #7
The Sandman: The Dream Hunters #1 (of 4)
Un-Men, vol. 2: Children of Paradox
100 Bullets #97
The Exterminators vol. 5: Bug Brothers Forever
Fables #78
Fables: Covers by James Jean
Young Liars #9
Air #4
DMZ #36
Fables vol. 11: War and Pieces
Greatest Hits #3 (of 6)
Hellblazer #249
Scalped #23
Jack of Fables #28
Madame Xanadu #6
Northlanders #12
Sloth (OGN)
Unknown Soldier #2

Sunday, October 19

Episode 6: Raging Racist

Rebecca talks about her Mid-Ohio Con experience. She also reminds us about Sweetest Day. Yeah, we've never heard of it either. There's also plenty of talk about the Civil War, racism, politics, the election, voting, and free-range chickens. Somewhere in between all that we talk comics.

We review, discuss, and argue over Y: The Last Man, vol. 1: Unmanned (by Brian K. Vaughn & Pia Guerra) and Loveless, vol. 1: A Kin of Homecoming (by Brian Azzarello & Marcelo Frusin).

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Sunday, October 5

Episode 5: The Brodeo

We're without Rebecca today so it's just the dudes. We talk TV. You talk TV? We talk about the fall season, especially Heroes and why it sucks. Don't watch it!

We go over John Constantine, Hellblazer, covering both Original Sins (by Jamie Delano & John Ridgeway) and the Keanu Reeves movie, Constantine (whoa). We're trying a new, shorter format; let us know what you think.

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