Monday, July 28

Vertigo News from Comic Con

There will be a new line of Vertigo Comics, "Vertigo Crime," which will specialize in black & white noir-ish OGNs. The first two will be Dark Entries by Ian Rankin and Werther Dell'Edera, and will star John Constantine; and Filthy Rich, by Brian Azzarello and Victor Santos. More titles will be announced later this year.

The classic DC series, The Unknown Soldier, will have a new ongoing series later this year. The new Unknown Soldier will be a man born in Uganda but raised in America who returns to his native country to help his people. Another revamp of a classic DC title, The Haunted Tank, is expected later this year as well, from creators Frank Merraffino & Henry Flint. The spirit of JEB Stuart will be haunting a tank in modern-day Iraq.

Other announcements include a second volume of Demo from Brian Wood & Becky Cloonan; hardcover collections of Swamp Thing & Preacher; Sandman: The Dream Hunters comic adaptation; The Compleat Death hardcover collection, collecting all of the Death mini-series and stories from various anthologies; Grant Morrison's WarCop, "slightly futuristic tale about a soldier stuck in a war"; Madame Xanadu by Matt Wagner; a 10-issue limited series by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon called Daytripper; and Greatest Hits, Vertigo-style superhero story.

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