Sunday, April 11

Episode 57: I Hate Fanboys

I'm back and I talk about Wondercon 2010. There were a lot of Vertigo books I bought, which I will be reviewing on the show. Surprisingly, I even bought books of series I didn't particularly care for, but they were 50% off and I'm always willing to go past the first book of a Vertigo series.

Because of RedLetterMedia's recent, humorous review of Episode II, I talk about fanboys and what's wrong with them. However, I will always love their Internet rants. RLM gets me to talk about Star Wars and my lack of memory for the prequels. If you could tell me what happened, I'd appreciate it.

After that long rant, I do go over probably the toughest Vertigo book I've read to date in Unknown Solder: Haunted House (Joshua Dysart, Alberto Ponticelli). In fact, I'm not even sure if I can continue reading the series.

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