Saturday, September 6

Episode 3: One Man Down

Preacher vol. 2

In this rather long episode, we're one man down. We don't know where the hell Jonathan is but he does leave us his thoughts and prayers. Sans prayers. Rebecca and Marc sure do a lot of talking about nothing.

Fables vol. 1Marc cries since HBO is pulling the plug on Preacher. However, they cover his favorite trade of the series, Preacher: Until the End of the World (by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon), and Jesse's messed up background brings another tear to his eye.

Rebecca sure gets giddy as we cover her favorite series, Fables: Legends in Exile (by Bill Willingham and Lan Medina). She could spout about it for hours, and believe me, she sure tries.

Enjoy this two plus hour episode as we talk about religion and fairytales. Not that there's a difference between the two.

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