Saturday, September 20

Episode 4: Cowboys and Indians

Howdy, Pilgrim! In this extremely long episode (sorry folks), we take a look at Cowboys and Indians—it's hard to say which book is which though. Mosey on down as we read Scalped: Indian Country (by Jason Aaron, R.M. Guera) and Preacher: Proud Americans (by Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon).

Marc talks about his disappointment with the Wii, his excitement with getting a 360, and what else is going on in the gaming industry. Not to mention he offends even more creators, religious folk, listeners, and yes, even God too. The only one he doesn't offend is Garth Ennis (he loves him).

Jonathan talks about why he was missing last episode and how he went on a holiday. He also talks about what he thought about the last episode and why he doesn't like Catcher In the Rye (what's wrong with him?)

We talk about who could possibly be starring in Y: The Last Man and why Rebecca doesn't like him. We also go over a few errors and corrections and Rebecca sure knows her porn.

Come join us as we discuss and argue over all sorts of stuff. And there's man love. Lots of man love.

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